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Here to There

by J.D. Pederson

Released 2017
Released 2017
Rock, Pop, Soul & Country
J.D. introduces great songs, melodies and rock solid musicianship throughout his fourth release...
J.D. get's an assist from Jack Mack's Mark Campbell on the title tune as well as the famous Jack Mack horn section featuring Bill Bergman. Other highlights include, Bernie Chiaravalle's great guitar work on "The Best Thing," Don Chapman's guitar assist on "Follow The Sun," Jim Kremidas' stellar pedal steel on "Restless Heart" and "Your Own Civil War," Bruce Swaim's inspiring tenor sax work on "The Way Back Home" and "Don't Say Goodnight," and background vocals from Firefall's Larry Burnett, Don Chapman and Amy Denton.

Album photo-montage by Jean Fogelberg. Visit

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Just Released... "Here To There" JD's 4th Album.



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