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Beach Music

by J.D. Pederson

Released 2003
Released 2003
A marriage of Carolina beach music, white hot soul and the west coast sound of the seventies.
When J.D. began playing clubs in and around the south bay, it was like watching someone cook gumbo every night. Sets mixed a blend of originals with Van Morrison, Little Feat, and Jimmy Buffett and the likes of the Flying Burrito Brothers. "You never knew what to expect next, and that was part of the fun of it all," explains J.D.

"Beach Music" is a collection of songs penned in those clubs in California in the seventies through the mid-nineties that remain as contemporary today as they were some fifteen or twenty years ago. Married with four children, J.D. resides outside of Washington, DC and focuses on business interests in and outside of music. Pederson laughs, "my troubadour days may be behind me, but I can still cook up a pretty mean gumbo."

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